Welcome to a more specialized, customized approach to bodywork. Welcome to spacious healing time for your body & mind.

My clients tell me "this is what I've been looking for in a massage all these years!"

Here are some of the common differences I hear:
  • The bodywork is more tuned in to your specific needs
  • The slow, deep work really gets to the core of the issue
  • I take the time to listen and fully understand you and how to personalize the work to your needs
  • My advanced technical training and expertise helps to more effectively work with your unique body and condition
  • You get a safe, supportive space to be fully human, process life challenges (silently or with dialogue) and end up feeling way better

David Melman, LMP, BCSI, TPS

Hi, I'm David Melman, founder of Meditative Body & Mindfulness-Based Pain Solutions™.
I went through quite a bit of pain & discomfort myself after getting rear-ended by a semi-truck, and found the combination of bodywork and mindfulness to be incredibly healing, and after seeing how helpful it has been to many of my clients, I have come to really believe in it.
When I was in pain, I found that more standard, cookie-cutter approaches to both bodywork and mindfulness were not very helpful--I needed to find specialized approaches to both and that actually helped me. My own healing journey led me deep into studies of specialized bodywork and mindfulness practices and to helping others, and that's what I bring you today.
I am also certified as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, someone who understands pain, how to teach about it, and how to best apply this understanding to the bodywork process.
I look forward to sharing with you what I have found most healing both in my own journey and for the many clients whose lives I have been honored to help improve. That's what this is really all about, supporting you and helping to make your life better.