You're hungry for more authentic truth in your life.
You're ready to be more real with your own self.
You value deep personal growth & evolution.

But You know all of this is hard, and sometimes feels lonely and & confusing.
If you're ready for support and guidance to go deeper into your own truth and transformation, you've come to the right place.

Welcome, I'm David Melman

What kind of World have we found ourselves in? Ever feel like it’s a bit disconnected?

We’ve traded out wisdom and deeper meaning, decided it’s not worth the effort.

That can go ok until we run into a more profound truth within ourselves…something that grabs us by the collar or maybe just whispers to our soul that going through the motions and living as if everything is “normal” just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Could be a tragedy, or a spiritual awakening, or maybe just getting fed up with some nagging sense of emptiness, some deeper knowing that there could be more to life.

So…then what do we do? Church? Therapy? Burning Man?

Let me tell you about this option:

I’ve devoted the last 10 years to profound truth and personal transformation. I’ve coached all kinds of people: teachers, yogis, executives, doctors, lawyers, activists, and more.

They all had one thing in common: a hunger for deeper truth and personal transformation

Your Transformation:

Let’s be honest, true personal growth can be challenging and intense.

In our work together, I will always be kind and compassionate, but also very direct.

My goal is to help bring you more in touch with your own truth within. This is both simple and powerful.

How do we do it?

Let’s look at some of the ways:

1. Authentic communication: How often do you get to share the deeper truths that lie within you, and have someone listen fully and honor your inner truth?

2. Working through roadblocks: Yes, those uncomfortable, yucky, or stuck areas in your personal growth. I have special processes that help you find your clarity and get moving forward again.

3. Healing: Sometimes there’s a part of ourselves that feels disconnected, broken, or not well. Perhaps from a difficult life situation, or maybe we don’t even know why. We work with this healing process on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

4. Bodywork: I have a fair amount of background and training in bodywork, or using my hands in a therapeutic fashion. Where it differs from massage is that it is not bound to any formula of oily gliding, but can rather organically blend with the nature of the coaching and transformation work. Some people want bodywork blended in, some people don’t, either way is ok it’s up to you.

5. Coaching & Mentorship: Maybe you want someone who really understands you and gets you on a deeper level. Someone who knows what you’re working towards, advocates for you living your truth, and offers support and guidance through life challenges. In coaching & mentorship, we are equals, and my job is to support you in bringing your inner truth to life.

About David

Being a dad is awesome (and challenging…but the awesomeness wins out).

I respect all different cultures and beliefs. No matter your background, religion or non-religion, how you see things, I welcome you and respect you the way you are.

Apparently it’s rare these days, but I was actually born and raised in Seattle, and am happy my family is here in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite things about this region are the nature and the people.

So why might I be able to help you? I’ll share a little bit about some of my experience:

Well, being raised by two therapist parents was a good start. I graduated with honors in philosophy, and began seriously meditating while in college. I’ve gone on to do several long silent meditation retreats.

I’ve deeply devoted myself to the study and practice of personal growth for over 10 years; incorporating philosophy, psychology, embodiment, neuroscience, & spirituality. I’ve had the good fortune to work closely with some truly amazing teachers and guides myself.

I’ve helped many people in personal transformation through leading workshops, assisting retreats, creating online programs and of course one-on-one work.


Working Together:

Please see which of the following three descriptions applies to you, then see how we can best work together:

1. If you’re new and want to work with me for healing, coaching, and personal transformation, go ahead and schedule a 90 minute session.

2. If you’re new and were referred to me or found me on the internet for bodywork, and you either already scheduled your first session or were planning on doing so soon, go ahead and come in for your bodywork session. After your first session, we will not continue working together unless you want personal transformation work in addition to the bodywork.

3. If you have an existing bodywork package with me, please continuing working with me as usual for the rest of your package.

First Session Rates: Working with me is an investment because I choose to only work with people who are serious. After the first session, I work with select people on a deeper level.

60 Minutes: $150

75 Minutes: $175

90 Minutes: $200

Schedule Online Here:

Address & Directions:


6701 Greenwod Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103


(t) 206-229-1320

(e) david@meditativebody.com


I’m now located in the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood (Greenwood, by the zoo).

When you arrive, park on the street or in one of the parking spots in the building’s parking lot.

The parking lot entrance is off of N 67th Street.

If you’re seeing glass doors with Phinney Sandbox signage, you’re at the correct building but you’ll need to walk to the back to find the entrance that gets you to my office.

You’ll find a small staircase next to the parking lot, head up those stairs and enter the building.

Once inside, you’ll be in a shared office kitchen, continue down the hallway and take the stairs to the second floor.

My office is on the far left and you’ll see a sign on my door “Light Stream Rising (that is the business I share my new space with, I’ll be putting my own sign up soon as well).

If you need any assistance finding me, please call my cell phone at 206-229-1320.

If the exterior door is locked, you’ll need to call or text me, but it should be unlocked when you arrive.