Deep Relief for your Pain, Stress, & Tension extra wide

A Healing Opportunity for You

Distinct from typical massage, mindfulness-based bodywork is slow, moving at the rate your body lets go of tension, and inviting awareness each step of the way. You will learn mindfulness tools and experience realizations that benefit you in your everyday life.

Therapeutic movement, mindful breathing, silence, and contemplative dialogue are all woven into the bodywork process.

Above all, this is a healing space and opportunity for you to relax more into you, letting go of what's not.


Positive Experiences from Past Clients

“I have history of surgeries and physical traumas that have impacted over a decade of my life. After working with David for several months I have seen huge gains in my physical performance due to significantly decreasing my chronic pain and restoring my body’s full range of motion. I cannot recommend David enough, he is compassionate, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”

— Michele B., Biological Research Director at UW Medicine & Outdoor Enthusiast


“A friend encouraged me to see David when I had upper back pain that began to radiate to my neck and shoulder. I would have never believed what a difference it made. The pain was something I struggled with off and on for years, and my last session was about 10 months ago and I am still pain free in my back."

— Brenda B., Certified Nurse Midwife


“I came to David in hopes of resolving several ongoing areas of pain and tension. From my very first session I knew that this work was both deep and comprehensive, and that as a therapist David is uniquely sensitive to the subtle signals of the body. Over our ten sessions my pain was greatly lessened, and my movements become more integrated in my yoga and dance classes. I have since sent several friends to David, and I give his services my highest recommendation.”

— -Elizabeth G.


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