I have history of surgeries and physical traumas that have impacted over a decade of my life. I have struggled to gain full mobility and strength from these setbacks and as an athlete they have limited my performance. After working with David for several months I have seen huge gains in my physical performance due to significantly decreasing my chronic pain and restoring my body’s full range of motion. I cannot recommend David enough, he is compassionate, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
— Michele B., Director of Biological Research Instrumentation (Cytometry), UW Medicine
I am beyond impressed with David’s kind and caring spirit and integrative knowledge of the human body. I am a Physical Therapist and I initially started seeing David for a shoulder injury that was bothering me during sports and while treating my own patients. After just two treatment sessions, I no longer have any pain. David does not chase pain but analyzes the entire body and fascial system in order to get to the root of your problem. He is very present throughout the session and very in tune with his client’s needs. His hands are firm but comfortable and safe. I recommend him without hesitation for anyone looking to improve their body alignment and structure who want to be active participants in taking steps towards better health. Thank you David for sharing your gifts with the greater Seattle area.
— Nancy B., Doctor of Physical Therapy
I’m 52 and have had nagging pain in my hips, backs, knees for the past 5-7 years. I had been active my whole life but certainly was not a hardcore athlete. Sometimes it seemed like joint pain, sometimes muscular or nerve pain, and it constantly changed. Eventually walking or even a gentle yoga class was irritating. My former physician told me I was getting old and should work out less. When my lower back started having spasms, I changed physicians, and got diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back and hips. A yoga instructor mentioned, “Structural Integration,” and not long afterwards, I found David’s practice and booked a session. I didn’t have dramatic results immediately. However, I felt a difference and signed up for a serious of 10 visits. By the 6th or 7th session of the package, I noticed not only less pain, but increased mobility in my hips. I skied with much less discomfort last season, and when hiking recently, I was balanced, and not favoring my “good hip” when taking large steps. I’m also able to do some yoga moves that previously irritated my knees, or I simply couldn’t do because of restricted movement in my hips. I went in for pain relief, and am thrilled to be gaining mobility in my irritable hips. I feel like the peripheral pains in my knees have also subsided. I just signed up for a second series of 10. David is a good listener, cares deeply, and works with great intensity. The physical and mental energy he maintains for 90 minutes is incredible, I’m always impressed with how hard he works. Although it can be intense for the patient, I always look forward to my appointment. I’m so happy I found such an awesome practitioner, and I feel much more optimistic about continuing to ski, backpack, and sustain a vigorous yoga practice.
— -Daina S., English Language Teacher to Exchange Students & Immigrants
I came to David in hopes of resolving several ongoing areas of pain and tension. I was attracted to his systematic and in depth approach after not seeing lasting results with other therapies I had tried. What a good decision. From my very first session I knew that this work was both deep and comprehensive, and that as a therapist David is uniquely sensitive to the subtle signals of the body. Over our ten sessions my pain was greatly lessened, but just as important, I saw my posture improve and my movements become more integrated in my yoga and dance classes. I have since sent several friends to David, and I give his services my highest recommendation.
— -Elizabeth G.
David is a gifted bodyworker. My sessions with him were excellent. He is a tuned in listener and uses a collaborative approach to the therapy. He observed me standing and extensively moving my limbs (range of motion) before having me get on the table. Once the hands on work started, he was able to work with me to release some very deep tightness which I’d previously not been able to let go of even with ten years of other previous bodywork. I highly recommend David and his intuitive work.
— -Shannon W.
I really appreciated the attention to detail in David’s work, and whole body balance that it provided me. I had chronic ankle mobility and balance issues and David was able to access these with knowledge and compassion. Our time together was truly healing. -John C, Biology & Conservation Worker
— John C, Biology & Conservation Worker
David is very skillful and intuitive. I have had an SI joint problem for a couple of years and he was the first person who has been successful in relieving the ache so I could sleep again!
— -Alexandra M., Lead Attorney at Humanitarian Non-Profit
My posture is better, my joints move more easily and my balance improved greatly. David’s professionalism & gentle character helped me understand and be more connected to how my body works & the patterns it holds. I am so fortunate to have discovered his healing practice.
— Kathy C., Outdoors Enthusiast
David is a gifted healer, whom holds the space for whatever level of healing (in the mind body and spirit realms) that the individual is ready for. He has a gentle presence, facilitates trust and awareness and is very compassionate with his clients. It is clear he is extremely passionate about being of service in the world. I have not only referred many of my patients to him that have been stuck in their chronic pain patterns, but I can also attest that I have first-hand experience with David’s support on my own path of wellness, and our work together has been powerful and deeply healing.
— -Dr. Kelly M, Naturopathic Doctor
David is a special healer who is not only knowledgable and precise in his bodywork, but also uniquely integrates spiritual and psychological healing practices. I myself am a clinical psychologist and found David very warm, and nonjudgmental. I routinely left sessions not only feeling rejuvenated physically but also emotionally and spiritually. David is a special human being! He is playful and kind. At the same time, he can also receive people’s sadness and irritation. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
— -Dr. Hilary M., PhD, Psychologist
My experience with David Melman has been fantastic, and benefits long-lasting. When I began seeing David, I was in quite a bit of pain. After just one session my mobility was noticeably increased, after two more I was feeling much better, with less pain. David is a true healer who is dedicated to helping people. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to climb mountains and ski down them this winter, and now I am having a great season of fun in the mountains. The increased mobility & decreased pain has enabled me to enjoy life and continue healing. I look forward to my next session!
— Matt G, Stoneworker
David is a conscientious, compassionate and articulate practitioner. His precision in being able to understand where pain is starting from in the body and how to work it through and out is brilliant. He truly sees what your body needs and is sensitive to those areas that need a lighter touch as well as those that might need the deeper healing of firm pressure.
His practice space is just gorgeous, with an incredible view of South Lake Union and the city skyline.
I highly recommend him, especially for people who crave the intense healing of a skilled bodyworker.
— -Sarita V., Professional Dancer, Artist, and Founder of a Natural Skincare Line
David has hands of pure love. With his gentle touch and soothing presence, he creates a safe, sacred space where it is easy to relax, be present, to release, let go, grow and be empowered. His work on my body was full of potent alignment and strength, and he has helped me get in touch with deep places within my self, clearing away pain and imbalances and re-opening blocked channels and energy flows. His complete presence and support, joyful heart and playful spirit make him an absolute delight to work with. He carefully guided me through months of Structural Integration bodywork and the result was phenomenal: a healthy, strong and re-aligned body, mind and spirit. He is an incredible Light and Body worker, and I feel so honored to have been blessed with his magic making. Infinite gratitude to you, David
— Alyssa M., Healer
The first thing I noticed on the table with David was his pure presence... his ability to be empathic with my body, my whole being and what was up for me in the moment. I continued to work with him through the ten sessions of Structural Integration during a stressful time in my life. After ten weeks, my body feels in complete alignment, my spirit is much more at peace, and my essence stronger. I attribute this not only to David’s skills in the work that he does, but also to his personal strength and alignment and his gift for holding space for others in a pure, loving way.
— Maia G., School Teacher
I am an outdoor educator, fellow bodywork practitioner, martial artist, and otherwise an incredibly active person. My body needs a lot of continual maintenance outside of what I am able to do for myself. That said, I have been receiving bodywork from dozens of people for over 10 years (including plenty of structural work/ Rolfing/cranial sacral work) and David is certainly one of the best. Besides his obvious knowledge and skill he often allows his intuition to take the lead during our sessions which has led to uncovering deep holding patterns ready to be released.

David’s knowledge and understanding of the body, calm meditative and grounded demeanor, gentle sensitive touch, and genuine care for his client creates a space that both allows me to trust and relax throughout our sessions. His touch is nothing short of amazing. He goes very deep, yet through his highly sensitive touch he waits for the body to invite him in leaving me continually feeling safe, which is unique to a lot of structural work.

Some of us are lucky enough to find our gifts within this life and share it, David is certainly one of the lucky ones. Bodywork is not something he does, it’s who he is, David is a healer. I feel blessed to have found him and look forward to more.
— -James M., Wilderness Educator & Bodyworker
Not only is David acutely knowledgeable and skilled in his massage practice, its apparent how much he cares about his clients’ mind, body, and spirit health. I feel valued and respected as a human being - not just as a paying customer. David always asks inquiring questions about my health and well being, shows genuine concern, and then responds with meticulous therapeutic body work digging deep into and alleviating my ache and pains. I’ve been dealing with pain for years that I assumed would be with me for the rest of my days but now I leave every session feeling like my body is working and flowing again. With David’s ongoing help and advice, I know that I am on track to living a pain free life.
— Summer D., Office Manager
A friend encouraged me to see David when I had upper back pain that began to radiate to my neck and shoulder. I decided to do the whole 10 session series that he does, instead of just focusing on that problem area. I would have never believed what a difference it made. The pain was something I struggled with off and on for years, and my last session was about 10 months ago and I am still pain free in my back. I recently went back to him for some very mild knee pain in preparation for a big hike I’m doing, and after just one session it feels almost totally improved.

Don’t come in to this thinking you are getting a feel-good massage. This is pretty intense body work, great for working out years of tension or asymmetry from improper mechanics. David really is great - he cares about your whole self and really listens to what your needs are. I am almost sorry I feel so much better, because I want more reasons to go back to do more work with him! (Added bonus: I could pay with my HSA, which was awesome).
— Brenda B., Certified Nurse Midwife
I’m so grateful to be in the process of working with David. I had never heard of Structural Integration, but was eager to try anything new to help with various chronic aches/pains. After only one session, I felt my body shifting, straightening, falling “into the right place.” This has only deepened with further work... David has true healing touch; his humor, listening, comfort, and joy towards helping people feel at home in their bodies is truly powerful. The effects have been more than physical for me: this has been strong work for shaking free stuck energy, and has coincided with a period of great change in my outer life, as well. New creative birth! I see it as all being connected to entering David’s practice, and will be forever grateful!
— Laura B., Professional Musician & Wilderness Guide
Last March sparked a several month long struggle with plantar fasciitis. For a while, I was walking on the ball of my left foot, it hurt to put any pressure on it at all. I was stuck in a vicious cycle of partial healing, then re-injuring it again and again. I told David about this and he told me that if there was misalignment of the tissues, that simply waiting for it to heal wasn’t really going to fix the problem. I came in for a session and he did very thorough testing and then went right to work ‘unwinding’ all the muscle and other tissue that was out of whack. It felt better right away and really catalyzed a full on recovery. David is the real deal, warm-hearted, focused, and highly skilled. Thank you David!
— -Vance D.
I started seeing David for tendonitis in my ankle that had been persisting for months and tightness in my back that has been bothering me for years. At every session, David does an evaluation of my posture and looks for tight muscles and range of motion issues that contribute to my pain. He really works hard to get into the hard-to-reach tendon in my leg and is always excited to hear about my positive results. David has noticed things that my physical therapist has overlooked and he is very knowledgable about body mechanics. I have experienced improvements after every session.
— -Diane R., PhD Student in Marine Biology
I have nothing but great things to say about my experience with David. I am 63 years old, and have had a great deal of body work in this life of mine. The powerful techniques that David employs really got me in touch with my body in ways I have never encountered. His kind, intuitive energy and powerful knowing touch seemed to know just where to go to relieve my discomfort and release long-held tensions. I 100% recommend him.
— -Scott F., Teacher of Voice, Movement, and Breathwork teacher
David has everything I have been looking for in a bodyworker: knowledge of the flowing lines of the body paired with a firm and intuitive touch, as well as well-honed listening skills. Through conversing with David and explaining to him when I’m experiencing in my body, and having him pair my feedback with his wisdom, I am empowered as a full participant in my wellness journey. I feel that David has a genuine passion for the healing arts, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to make profound and real changes to the structure and alignment of their body.
— -Emily E., Human Rights Activist
I have loved working with David! He is a compassionate, humble, and wise beyond his years practitioner. I have gone to many healers and know when I come across a gem of a healer- David is one of those gems. I appreciate that David looks at the whole person and utilizes both his technical knowledge and his intuitive healing abilities when assessing the needs of a person. We ended up doing a very different session that I would have thought we might have, and it was just the energy work that I needed at the time. I value when a practitioner co-creates with the client to see what might be needed that day rather than just following a scheduled regimen. David truly sees what your body needs in the moment and is adaptable to those needs, creating a safe and genuine container for deep levels of healing. I recommend him highly.
— -Jacqueline S., Psychotherapist