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Your mind is relaxed & calm, your body light & fluid, and you breathe in the feeling of deep relief. You notice a new freedom from pain & ease of movement, and you think to yourself, I'm glad I booked this session!

Note: to schedule more than 4 weeks in advance, e-mail me directly.

If you can't find the days and times you want using online scheduling, e-mail me directly and I'll work with you to make sure you get an appointment time that is ideal for you.

More Happy Clients:

“I am a Physical Therapist and I initially started seeing David for a shoulder injury that was bothering me during sports and while treating my own patients. After just two treatment sessions, I no longer have any pain. David does not chase pain but analyzes the entire body and fascial system in order to get to the root of your problem. He is very present throughout the session and very in tune with his client’s needs. His hands are firm but comfortable and safe. I recommend him without hesitation for anyone looking to be active participants in taking steps towards better health. Thank you David for sharing your gifts with the greater Seattle area.”

— Nancy B., Doctor of Physical Therapy

“I was in a car wreck that totaled both cars, set off my airbag, and knocked me out for a few minutes. It took a few weeks for me to really feel how banged up my body was, at that point I had several fairly serious physical problems. In my first visit with David he took time to asses my issues, then started an organized approach to working on the problems. I felt a lot better after the first appointment, and every appointment after that. I had low back issues, forearm and hand issues, hip issues, lower leg and foot issues and neck issues. David was able to help with all of that, he really helped me get back on track physically. I am a professional strength & conditioning coach but everyone needs help sometimes and David was a great help when I needed it. Highly recommended”

– Dave W., High level personal trainer

“I have had an SI joint problem for a couple of years and he was the first person who has been successful in relieving the ache so I could sleep again!”

— Alexandra M., Lead Attorney at Humanitarian Non-Profit

“I came to see David after experiencing some pain from a recent card accident I was in. David took the time to ask questions and made a plan to tackle my pain accordingly. I felt instant relief and have gone back to see him a few more times. Needless to say, I will continue to go see him in the future. If you are thinking of going to see someone for body aches, David is your guy! I guarantee you will have a great experience!”\

Majd B., Starbucks (Social Change Partner)

“I’ve been dealing with pain for years that I assumed would be with me for the rest of my days but now I leave every session feeling like my body is working and flowing again. With David’s ongoing help and advice, I know that I am on track to living a pain free life.”

— Summer D., Office Manager