Healing for your body, peace for your mind

Break free from long-held pain & tension patterns through a unique combination of bodywork and mindfulness:

Bodywork: Many years of specialized training allow David to tailor the bodywork process to your unique body and needs. Deep yet gentle work helps to bring your nervous system into balance and unwind old holding patterns.

Mindfulness: Discover a meditative environment for nourishing calm and healing self-connection. David brings together a decade of deep study in mindfulness and mind-body awareness practices to support you in finding the peace & clarity that exist within you.

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Ready to break free from pain, stress & tension?



Welcome! I'm David Melman, founder of Meditative Body. I went through years of chronic pain and tension after a bad accident, and commit to bringing you a powerful integrative process based on the best tools that have helped me heal and get my life back. This unique therapeutic process has been deeply beneficial and even life-changing for so many clients, and I look forward to supporting you in finding the balance & pain-free healthy movement that you're looking for.

Want to get in touch? I'm happy to answer any questions via e-mail or make time for a free phone consultation:

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